Beginner's Series - Transformation 101


A 3-Part Series designed for beginners, but open to all, who want to deepen their understanding of the yoga of awareness.

In this beginner’s series, we explore the essential practices and concepts of kundalini yoga through different themes, lectures and kriyas, so that we may begin and further our own personal transformation through an inward journey towards self-discovery.

Change is occurring continuously, with the developmental tools offered in these classes, we will be able to meet change with grace, continue our expansion, deepen our relationship with our True Self and create an internal shift that brings us in alignment with our highest potential.

Our first series begins with an understanding of the breath and an exploration of pranayama breathing techniques to help tame the mind and emotions, manage stress, and establish a solid foundation to further enhance our kundalini practice.





Series 1: Cultivating Breath Awareness





Series 2: Understanding Your Pranic Body





Series 3: Expanding Your Pranic Energy