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As most of you know, I became a wheelchair user late January of 2020 due to Transverse Myelitis. Becoming a paraplegic has been more than just losing my ability to walk. Its been about reclaiming full independence again and moving on with my life as a wheelchair user as I continue to heal and recover. Being a paraplegic has many challenges but dealing with transportation has been one of the challenges I struggle with the most. 

Its been a humbling experience relying on the public bus for the last two years. Although I am grateful to have the service available to me, I am ready to take my independence to the next level.

I start school in the winter of 2022 to complete a certification program in Graphics Communication. Im very excited to have something to look forward to other than learning to walk again!

Having my own car provides the independence I have been craving and would allow me to drive to class, physical therapy and work independently without the stress of the bus arriving late or not showing up at all.  I would have the freedom to see my family, friends and loved ones on my own.  Having my own car would bring so much ease into my life and give me the ultimate freedom to be fully independent again. 

If you feel inspired to support my cause, there will be a SPECIAL FUNDRAISING EVENT on THURSDAY, AUGUST 18th where you can participate in a silent auction with exclusive items and gather with community as we vibe out to live music and performances! You can purchase tickets by clicking on the perk that says "Special Fundraising Event 8/18" - more details will be shared with those who have purchased their tickets. 

Also, please share this campaign and make a donation if you can to keep me rolling forward with life!




All funds will go directly towards purchasing modified vehicle, a head start with auto insurance and gas, future car maintenance, tax fees, and a lap top for school.

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