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with Mandeep and Gurucharan


The First Journey is “The Personal or Crystalized Self"


The Second Journey is “The Authentic Expressive Self”


The Third Journey is “The Unique and Transcendent Self”


A Journey to experience and develop your True Self using the Stages of Meditation practice

This 60-hour YA course will contain home study, practice, and journaling so that the individual will create their developmental awareness within their own unique environments along their path of Self-Realization.  This course is recognized as a 60-hour course of “Flow, Spirit Awareness, the Stages of Meditation” from The Kundalini Kollective College of Applied Yogic Science YA registered school. 

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“Kundalini” means awareness. It is that essential capacity we have and experience as a human being. The experience of awareness is natural and universal. It reveals our sense of Self as it releases blockages.  The practice of Kundalini Yoga techniques reveals a meditative path and journey to steadily refine our ability to experience joy, happiness, and bliss in all aspects of living our lives as a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience! 

There is a clear method to use meditation as a tool to personal realization and deepen your practice of the many stages of meditation. It is tangible and immediate as it supports your everyday life and fulfillment;  physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Our journey through the stages of meditation is like following a treasure map where you gather gems and skills at each stop along the journey. Each gem of meditative experience gives you keys to mastery of a particular mediative skill. All those skills serve the development of your sense of Self. You’ll go away with a wide variety of meditation styles you can use as you wish. 

Think of these journeys as a developmental process:  cultivating discipline and practices appropriate to each stage that exist along the journeys within the Meditative Path.  Metaphorically it’s like climbing a mountain – each step, every effort, elevates us. As we continue to elevate, we see things we wouldn’t see at the lower altitudes.  The exercise and discipline of the climb makes us feel more alive with a sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment.  So too do the Meditation Journeys that exist on the Path of Realization create a flowering of joy that only expands as we experience, express, and transcend our sense of Self.  

Join Master Teacher Gurucharan and Mandeep for an extraordinary experiential teaching of the stages of meditation. A required reference is the “21 Stages of Meditation” written by Gurucharan,  that describes each Journey of 7 stages within in the Kundalini tradition. We encourage all 3 Journeys to be experienced as they each flow seamlessly into the next with intentional progression and creative expansion.  You may also like to look at “The Stages of Meditation “or “How to practice” by the Dalai Lama for a Buddhist perspective. We will learn from our own experience, journaling and sharing. 

This will be offered both virtually/online as well as in person. Gurucharan and Mandeep will be in person at the Kundalini Kollective in Las Vegas.   

This 60-hour Yoga Alliance accredited course that is accepted within the YA advancement system of  CEU’s, is Jedi Mind Training supreme!  Beginners without professional yoga teacher experience are also welcome.  This is an overall practical, useful, evolutionary course to gain tremendous awareness of your ability to develop your Meditative Mind.  It is not the immersive KRI course.

We will gain an awareness and ability of how to exist with Love, Compassion, and Kindness at the core of our existence which enables us to be spontaneous, creative, and flexible. We will train our minds to exist in the Meditative Mind with the support of clarity, courage, and character. 

It’s time to become a Self-Realized Human Being.


The 21 Stages of Meditation reference book will be provided as our course resource. Participants will be encouraged to have a journal of their observations between the weekends. 

***This course is available to download for full access***

Mandeep Khalsa

In 2005, I relocated from Las Vegas to Cedar City, Utah which turned out to be a significant turning point and became an incredible journey of transformation and evolution. I was guided upon receiving my Kundalini Level One Training to create a community center, sanctuary and haven, where all are welcome and offer the profound technology of the Yoga of Awareness to anyone and everyone! Sage Hills 108, Your Self Elevation Station opened it’s doors in the spring of 2010 with the effect of people coming from all over the world to participate in the teachings and Self Elevated Experiences that continue to be offered!

I have earned 1000 hours plus of Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing certifications and I’m registered with the International Kundalini Teacher’s Association,  Yoga Alliance as well as the International Yoga Therapists Association.  I consider myself to be a Life Long Student as the more I become aware and teach, the more I become aware of how much more is to be experienced! It’s a wonderful Beginners Mind that keeps me renewed, feeling young and more and more Whole. I offer Teacher’s Training and Continuing Education Workshops that are recognized by Kundalini Research Institute and Yoga Alliance.



Dr. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa is a premier trainer for kundalini meditation and yoga teachers since 1969. He developed several global training programs. Gurucharan is an accomplished author and affiliated scholar at Chapman University in Orange, California. There he collaborates with their Institute for Quantum Studies on projects for leading edge applications of quantum foundations to the nature of consciousness and our capacity as human beings. He has worked with Chapman’s Fish Interfaith Center since 2013, and contributes to original research in meditation, breath, and wellness.

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