MASTERY LAB - Meditation Workshop for the 3 Minds & Your Heart

The Ever-Flowing Experience of Change, Growth, Curiosity with Joy & Love



Join Mandeep & special guest Master Teacher Gurucharan for an interesting and highly informative afternoon focused on a Yogic exploration of our 3 Minds cycles and their influence on our style of connection within the web we weave called LIFE.


Here at the Kollective our mission is to always include the Heart’s participation and powerful influence so that we generate change joyfully. We can guide our mental patterns to weave a structure that is strong & stable with enough holes and spaces for new information to come in and assimilate meaningfully.

The energy and guidance of the Heart give us the courage to be curious and grow when needed. We can feel vulnerable within the unknown of what will come and break deeply seated patterns within the three cycles of the mental process - Receptive Protective Mind, Positive Exploratory Mind, and Neutral Purposeful Mind.

To know, recognize and experience this dance of your three minds through meditation lets you come from joy, and clarity of who you are through any block to grow and flow.

You will receive handouts and practice info to take home to continue your experience of growth. This powerful workshop is part of our ongoing Mastery Lab series!













fully accredited WITH YOGA ALLIANCE


Sat Nam! This is Mandeep.

In 2005, I relocated from Las Vegas to Cedar City, Utah which turned out to be a significant turning point and became an incredible journey of transformation and evolution.  This geographical shift created a training ground deep experience for my return to Las Vegas in March 2020 just in time for the great pandemic shut down of Las Vegas!  The Kollective was ignited...

After serving the good people of Cedar City and surrounding areas in the UTAH community for 15 years, my return to Las Vegas was seamlessly manifested and intuitively guided to secure a Well Being space in the heart of the downtown Historic Arts District.  Interestingly enough with the cross street being “Utah”.  No coincidences, all Divine Providence Flow. 

The Sacred Space of TKK.Life was created utilizing 3 crystal grids as well as crystals placed beneath the floor in the ground. At the beginning of 2020 when the space became available to be the location of The Kundalini Kollective, Mandeep created energetic rituals and intention to hold a specific energy for transformation, deep healing, and elevation, all within a safe sanctuary to provide a supportive container for participants coming in for their transformative experiences! Sacred Geometry, Orgone pyramids and Sacred Art are also utilized with intentional Feng Shui energy patterns to strengthen the grid lines and overall supportive dynamic of this functional practice space!