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In these rapidly changing times, the divine feminine is being called forth to birth a new way of being. This beautiful new world only comes into being if we, as men, can learn to embody our true masculinity. What does it look like to be a divine sovereign man in todays society?
In this class, we will go over the philosophy and energetics of the masculine and feminine. We will discuss their interplay and what women truly need from men in this time. We will dive into understanding the nature of being a man, and what it takes to walk the path as a man.
Through powerful kriyas and breathwork we will be pushed past our breaking point to uncover our depth and potential as men. The gongs will assist in clearing out the doubt and confusion that has been keeping us from fully embodying our divine nature. With these realizations we will be better equipped and empowered to show up and do our part as we all go through this great transition.
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