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Transformation 101 Change your Habit Patterns (3 Classes - In Person)
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Our upcoming Transformation 101 Series continues with a beautiful journey full of Self-care, Healing, and Self-Evaluation. In order to avoid sickness, it is essential to keep digestion, elimination and our immune system functioning properly. With the help of kundalini technology, we will not only build disease resistance and physical strength to help prevent illness, but also activate our own healing capacity to bounce back more quickly. With the power of Kundalini Yoga we work towards keeping out of the body anything that does not align with our highest potential, including demoting habits, emotions and “dis-ease” in body, mind, and spirit so that we can increase our ability to bring more healing energy and life force to ourselves and others. Through the course of continual transformation, we cultivate promoting habits that realign with our soul, spirit, and our infinite potential.
Class 1
We start our series by powering up the immune system and balancing the digestive system. With the practice of kriya and pranayama, we’ll sustain our active lives and cultivate vibrant health, so that we can carry through the change of seasons and more easily Keep Up!
Class 2
In our second class, we explore meditation techniques that will activate the healing power that exists within us and learn how to direct this healing frequency towards others, so that regardless of our outer circumstances, we remain Healthy, Happy, and Holy.
Class 3
Our series concludes with a focus on our Habits. Through the power of mantra, we’ll increase our frequency, change our habit patterns, and accelerate our spiritual cleansing process. Through clearing of the subconscious mind with chanting, we access our will power, reroute our actions to support our well-being, and commit to our transformation process.
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