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Fall Equinox (One In Person Pass)
$44.00 for 7 days
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Single Person Pass to Fall Equinox Special Event w/ Sangeeta Kirti
On the Fall Equinox, the sun is directly above the equator. Day and night are equal lengths. Light are darkness are equal measure and we experience the opposite and yet equally strong polarities. As we move into Libra season which is represented by the scales, themes of equality, balance and justice are in the air. It is a time for careful contemplation about the things we have accomplished and what we still seek out to do. How do we propel ourselves forward from here and accomplish our goals?
The Fall Equinox is a time to celebrate our successes and feel immense gratitude for all that we have received from the Universe. As we prepare to reap the benefits of the harvest , it is also a time to consider how we can give back.
Join this special kundalini class to usher in the Equinox, honor the change of seasons and personal shifts taking place within ourselves and those around us.
Bring a journal, mat, blanket and open heart as we rejoice together at this auspicious time.
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