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The Silver Lining of Gratitude - A New Moon in Sagittarius (Virtual)
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Join Mandeep for an experience to renew faith, hope and optimism. This new moon in Sagittarius is here to flip our lens and open our hearts wider with an Attitude of Gratitude for all that we’ve experienced this year,,,yes even the challenges! We have a mantra we use in Kundalini - Keep up and you will be Kept Up. This has been tested time and time again but with our visionary destiny action plan being implemented breath by breath we are starting to see the light! Sag is ruled by Jupiter which is the Teacher’s Wisdom Planet and just happens to be coming out of a 4 month retrograde on 11/23. Mandeep will lead us through an active Kriya to work the hips as Sagittarius rules the hips, an area of the body that has NOT benefitted from our sedentary culture. Stiff hips can increase the load on the spine, cause back pain and limit our overall range of motion. Yogis believe that the hips are the storage center for pent-up feelings about control. Freeing them can bring amazing release, both physically and emotionally. Sexual, creative and spiritual activity can also find more flow as we stretch out our hips. We will flow into a powerful Jupiter Meditation that will polish our arc line halos and invite prosperity and visionary capabilities. A very long relaxation with the Jupiter, Sun and Earth Gongs combined with the Angelic tones of the 432hz Quartzaphone Crystal Harp will shift our bodies, minds and spirits into a harmonious balanced state of Great- Full - ness!! Yogi Tea and fruit served afterwards. All Levels All Ages welcome.
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