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I AM Woman Sacred Women's Circle (In Person)
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Every 3rd Monday, Moon Day, of the month, Mandeep is calling for all Sisters, Goddesses, and Women, to gather in Sacred Circle at The Kollective for a magikal unleashing of the wise, wild, woman within that we inherently are. We will laugh, cry, dance, and create powerful Manifestation energy with prayer, intention, and love. History tells the stories of cultures and societies being directly influenced by the power of women. We are Bountiful, Blissful, and Beautiful by our very nature.
Join Mandeep for a very unique experience of Creative Divine expression regarding all things Divine Feminine. We will have periodic guest teachers who will enlighten us with experiential wisdom of all kinds - creating altars, specific food recipes, unique herbal remedies, sexy pillow talk, our map of moon centers, you name it, we’re going to dive in.
This experience will be offered via Zoom Livestream to our sisters who are unable to attend in person so we can engage from any distance. We will share our circle locally and globally. The Intention of our Circle is to heal and strengthen our sisterhood while providing community support to make peace with the Shadow that has been in place for too long. It’s time to open our hearts and minds to uplift ourselves and the Planet. All Ages are Welcome!
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