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Surrender into the Grace of Healing
with Mandeep & Special Guest Etheric
An Aries Full Moon Soundscape $44 single, $80 for double and the Virtual Portal is Complimentarily open.
Sunday, October 9th, 10am to Noon
This potent full moon offers a still point of cooling surrender that is coming from the volatile, heated energy around this Full Moon. This is the kind of energy that can see us arrive at the end of our limits. This is the kind of energy that can see us reach a point where we just can’t continue the way we have been. But, as challenging as this point is, there is the abundantly offered healing magic of surrender. A lot of this magic comes from the asteroid Chiron, which joins forces with this Full Moon. Chiron, coupled with the Aries lunar energy, promises healing, not from trying to fix, control, or force, but from surrender. When we surrender, it gives rise to acceptance, to letting go, to forgiveness, and opens us to the possibilities that those states can create. Chiron is not interested in “fixing” his wounds. He has accepted that some wounds just cut too deep to ever leave him. He has accepted that some wounds were perhaps just written in the stars. Instead, he has taken these wounds and used them as fuel for his own awakening and lead a beautiful life! Chiron lets us think of our wounds as secret portals into deeper understanding and compassion, higher intuition, greater knowledge, and even the potential to help heal and guide others. Whenever we have strong fiery energy like this, we have to channel it into movement. We can’t just stay in the same place, we have to move; even small steps count! Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is also highly active under this Full Moon, so we may very well see a lot of this fiery healing energy triggered by our connections with others. Finally, under this Full Moon is a perfect triangle configuration known as a Grand Trine, activated by the Sun, Saturn, and Mars. This formation of energy can bring a sense of ease. Think of it as the Universe’s way of providing rain to extinguish any fires that have grown too out of control. Join Mandeep & Etheric who will co-create a soothing balm of healing vibrational sounds with Gongs, Bowls, the Quartzaphone, our voices and breath. Gentle movement will be encouraged with our Kriya guidance followed by a healing meditation practice. Bring a pillow & blanket for the yummy, super relaxing soundscape relaxation. Virtually offered as well! Can’t make it in person, join us through the virtual portal we’re offering complimentary right now. All Level, All Ages. Yogi Tea, organic fruit from Intuitive Forager Farmers Market offered afterwards as well.
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