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Soundscape - In Person (2 Person)
$88.00 for 1 day
2 passes during the membership period
Access for 2 people to our Soundscape at the Kundalini Kollective
Loosen Up, Soften and Widen your Embrace
A Cancerian Micro New Moon Soundscape
With Anahata & Mandeep
Tuesday June 28th 6 - 8pm
$44 in person. $88 double ticket $33 virtual ticket
All human beings are creative. It’s our birthright and it’s in our DNA. Our ability to tap into that creative force depends on how willing we are to master our inner control freaks with a positively and intuitively charged ego. Sat Nam! We have to go inward, soften, opening to our vulnerable highly receptive nature in order to RECEIVE the download of creative energy.  Letting go of any fear regarding if we don’t keep a tight grip on our emotions, someone will come in and take advantage of us or worse, hurt us irreparably.  You can remain open yet fully shielded by activating your Self-protectiveness. You can utilize the intensified emotional energy during the water flow of  Cancer, the zodiac’s most yin, receptive sign, to become extraordinarily intuitively and creatively dynamic. During this solar cycle we can loosen up, soften, widen our embraces and roll out the energetic welcome mat. Join Anahata and Mandeep for a quietly powerful experience to connect with the Creative Force within ourselves.  The variety of sacred instruments, Kundalini breathwork and gentle meditative Kriya will quiet our “inner chatter” enough to let divine inspiration flow through.  All Levels, All ages welcome.  Bring a pillow and blanket for your comfort during the long lay out on our crystalline charged floor.
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