Kundalini Kollective Upcoming


FALL INTO grace! 

A Rebirthing Sound Healing Zion Retreat Immersion

with Mandeep of The Kundalini Kollective




October 26 - 30, 2023

This October 26th through October 30th I will be returning to the majesty of the Zion Canyons to offer my 4th “Ignite your Light “retreat experience. The previous years have all been offered during the season of Spring, but this year the message I received was to shift my Zion offering to the Fall season. The Fall holds the energy of completion. It marks the beginning of the deep introspective journey we embark on through winter. This retreat will be unique in that we will create a powerful experience of reflection and assessment through the Rebirthing Kriyas and Meditations combined with the quantum frequencies of the multiple Gongs I will be bringing! We will be sheltered with elegance and pure Grace by the Canyons and the epic sacred space of Nama Stay. We will unwind and recollect ourselves. You will emerge from this immersion reengaged with the natural rhythms of nature and feel fully supported energetically and emotionally balanced to Just be You. Join Me and a like- minded community for another experience of a lifetime!

Registration is open. Shared and private spaces are available. We will be fed like kings and queens with 2 meals daily, vegetarian based. Our schedule is relaxed yet dynamic. Practice in the early morning with completion by 10am. Brunch served. Free time after brunch until 5pm. 5:30 dinner. Evening practice to send us off to dream time and sleep. We will also be going on a repelling excursion with Zion Guru, Zion’s canyon premier Canyoneering guides and service.
All of this is included in your retreat. 

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